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Mark Watt has over 30 years experience in management/marketing/sales/customer service. He possesses superior people/conflict management/negotiating/organizational skills, much learned from RCMP volunteerism for 11 years and 10 years in management at McDonald's Restaurants when young. Mark spent time in franchisee/franchisor relations from both angles over the years as a consultant and owner. His favourite story was how he built business with his worldwide sandwich shop location in Alberta to nearly a million in sales (great conversation starter so drop him a line). Owning and operating several businesses (often in unison) including restaurants, numerous automotive related businesses, property maintenance, gold plating (it was a boomer in the 90's) he can honestly say thank you to a firm foundation in incredible management training through McDonald's Restaurants!



Mark has spent the last couple years honing his skills selling real estate (top producer of nearly 300 agents in his previous brokerage) in the residential area while adding commercial training and skills to his repertoire. Time also spent in countless hours in non profit work sitting on the board of directors and operations management of a non profit kitchen that feeds the marginalized of society 36,000 meals a year! The ability to read the needs of a business and make them reality has been a huge asset to Mark over his years in business. The ability to pinpoint areas of opportunity and highlight those areas to increase profit or aid a solid sale of the business is a gift he loves to share with friends and clients alike. Most client relationships turn into lifelong friendships as that is the kind of service you can expect!



In addition, he has a passion for learning and enjoys attending seminar workshops for personal and professional development. Mark has travelled to many large and small locations throughout Western Canada over the years and invites commercial clients from all over to give him a call!

Mark grew up on Vancouver Island but has lived in Edmonton for many years and he can be contacted anytime at mark@markwatt.ca or 780.263.9288.

Mark Watt
Mark Watt

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